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Premium ads are those business ads that display at the top of the page. These ads will display on the main page of our site and also on every dress listing page. In fact these ads show up on EVERY page of our website. These ads give you maximum exposure to the visitors to our site.



These ads cost only $30 per month and are much more affordable than similar ads on other dress listing sites.  Plus our ads will show on sub-pages and not just on the home page! had over 3.8 Million views in 2014 so your ad will get huge exposure on our site!

To subscribe for a premium ad, please contact us first before making payment to ensure that there is an open slot for you.  Once we approve your spot, you may sign up for the monthly payment below.

Subscriptions are through PayPal and you must have a PayPal user account first. So please create an account first if you do not have one. This subscription will automatically continue monthly until you decide to unsubscribe and cancel. Once you cancel, we will remove your ad from our site. You may cancel at any time.  Please note that there is no refund on any part of the fee.   If you cancel, we will keep your ad live for the remainder of your month slot – and then it will be removed before the next month starts – and you will not be charged for any future months once you unsubscribe.

Please note, this payment is NOT for dress listings!  You can donate for a dress listing from your dashboard.

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To Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to end your ad on the website, you may cancel your subscription through this link.

Thank you for your interest in placing an ad on the website.


You may submit all your listings for FREE! But if you do wish to help support the site, feel free to donate. Even just two or three dollars helps keep this site up and running. Thank You!