Protect Yourself From Scammers

It seems these days scammers are everywhere on the internet now.  We’ve all see the email scams from other countries where they say you’ve won the lottery, or received an inheritance and they need your bank account number to transfer the funds.  There are so many other scams as well.   Now, these people have also moved on to websites like craigslist, ebay and other selling websites and setup new scams.  They find websites where people sell things and are eager to complete the sale, and then they use that to their advantage to scam you.

Please read the information below to help protect yourself from scammers.   I hope that this will help you in some way, and I will post as much as I can here to help out – but in the end you will have to make that decision yourself after chatting with the buyer whether it is a scam or not.

Please contact me with any confirmed scams, and I will add them to the current scammers list!

Search for a particular email address in our scammer database:

I am constantly updating the website and trying to block scammers.   It’s quite easy to block spam — but scam is a different story when it’s a real person who is personally contacting sellers.  All sites have issues with this and its an ongoing battle!  I regularly update the site to block scammers.  Unfortunately, I am only a single person (unlike eBay and sites that have teams for this!) so sometimes I am on vacation, or away for the day.   I will get to blocking them as soon as I can.  Thanks for understanding!

Good luck and happy buying and selling!




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