Beautiful Blue and Coral Shamrock Stitchery Ruffled Dress


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CountryUnited States
DressmakerShamrock Stitchery

This beautiful blue and coral Shamrock Stitchery dress was only worn a handful of times at several local feiseanna, one North American Irish Dance Championships, and one Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas. I retired from dancing back in 2013 and the dress has been in storage ever since. The bodice is royal blue velvet with coral embroidery and the skirt is blue and white layers of ruffled silk — with a bonus silver top ruffle.

This dress is not in perfect condition anymore, which is reflected in the price. There is a bit of tanning discoloration on the white ruffle layer on the right and left side where my hands would have rested, which I imagine would come out with some cleaning wipes. Some rhinestones are missing (but could easily be replaced). The velvet bodice has several locations where the fibers have been disturbed from being in storage, but you can only notice that if you are standing very close. And after multiple cross-country moves for my job, at some point the cape has gone missing (again, could easily be replaced).

I would call this dress a little bit of a fixer upper, just due to the fact that it needs a few touch ups here and there. But this dress would make a great starter dress for a dancer in lower grades or preliminary championship! Dress comes with three headband options all custom made for it.

Dress Measurements (all approximate):

From shoulder to hem: 33 inches

Pit to pit: 15 1/2 inches

Sleeve length: 25 inches

Hip to hip: 19 inches

If you would like to see more pictures or more specific measurements I am happy to provide them. I am also willing to negotiate on the price.