Elevation Design Irish Dance Solo Dress First Owner – Pink, Gold, Black – MINT


Additional Info

CountryUnited States
DressmakerElevation Designs
Waist Size26.5"
Chest Size29.375"

Elevation Design Irish Dance Solo Dress in MINT condition – wore 5 Times! Dress was received one week before Oireachtas last year, 2019 (not even one year old yet!) Can provide receipt of purchase, if necessary, as we are the original owners. The dress has a geometric design with Fleur de Lis on each sleeve. The shoulders and back of the dress have black velvet. The sleeves are sheer. There is glitter on the sleeves and bottom which is rainbow and sparkles so much! The crystals are AMAZING and we got the largest bling package, so there is a lot of sparkle. We received so many compliments on this dress and are thrilled Elevation could help us design it. We are original owners and there is room for let out. Measurements are listed below and price includes shipping! Thank you for looking!

1. Height: 57″
2a. Knee Full-Length & Full Length: 9″
2b. Knee Full-Length & Full Length: 26.5″
3. Neck Circumference: 11.25″
4. Bust: 29.375″
5. Under Bust: 28.5″
6. Waist: 26.5″
7. Drop Waist: 28.5″
8. Hip: 30″
9a. S-FNP to Pubic Bone: 22″
9b. S-FNP to Pubic Bone: 19″
10. SNP to Bust, Waist, Dropped Waist, Hip: 26.25″
11. Bust Span: 5.375″
12. Front Shoulder: 10.375″
13. Top Shoulders: 13.25″
14. Back Width Measurements: 11.5″
15. Top Arm: 10″
16. Wrist: 5.625″
17. Sleeve Length: 22.25″