About Us

Why Use FeisDresses.com?

Why use the FeisDresses.com website?   There are a number of great reasons to use this site!

  • We average about 1000 unique visitors per day! Great exposure for your items.
  • Manage your own listings 24/7.  It’s easy!
  • Automatic posting of your items to FaceBook and Twitter to reach more people!
  • Protects your email address from spammers.
  • Listing stats on your dashboard page.

FeisDresses.com is a great site to use to either sell or buy an Irish dance solo dress.  This site has been around since 2009, originally named IrishDanceDressShop.com – but was renamed to FeisDresses.com so it would be easier to remember.  It’s run by, Rhonda, a mother of three Irish dancers, who started the site to help families save money in this expensive sport & hobby.

I’ve outlined some of the benefits to using this website below and hope that you will pass along this site to your friends as well. Happy buying and selling!

Here are just a few testimonials from very satisfied users of the site:

Thank you. Sold my dress in less than 12 hours! — Elizabeth

I must say that this is the best site for selling a dress. Rhonda is fantastic to deal with. I’ve sold two dresses on this site.  — Happy Customer

Wow….my daughter’s dress sold and I just put the sold sign on the website…   I cannot thank you enough for   making this such a painless and successful project for me….you have no idea.  Your site is amazing  and so friendly and different from the others.  Thanks again Rhonda and I appreciate all of your help!!  — Cassandra

I can highly recommend this site. Easy to use, and I sold my dress within 2 weeks  — Dance Mom

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic service, dress sold within 3 days. Got full asking price, moneys in the bank and its now on its way to Australia from Scotland!!   — Marie


Priced at just 1% of your item sales amount. It is a reasonable fee to list your item with lots of exposure in the Irish dance community!


When selling your dress, you need to get lots of exposure! The FeisDresses.com site gives you lots of exposure between thousands of visitors each day, to exposure through FaceBook and Twitter. The FeisDresses.com website also comes up within the top one or two results in Google searches – so the site is easy to find and has over 10,000 visitors each week!  We get over 3.8 Million views each year!    We advertise online and occasionally in various Oireachtas/Nationals/Worlds program books.

Secure Email – No Spam!

FeisDresses.com ensures your privacy from automated spam by hiding your email address. The site uses a submission form to email you and does not make your email available to automated spammers. Other dress sites just list your email for all to see. FD likes to help you keep your privacy!

Edit Your Own Ad Listing

FeisDresses.com lets you edit your own ad listing as any time. There is no need to wait for the administrator to edit your ad, or even delete it, or mark it as sold. You have control over your ad and can change your price, description, and photos at any time. Flexibility is great!

Social Media

facebooktwitterSocial media is important these days!  Our system will automatically post your dress info onto our facebook page and our twitter page within a hours of its approval.  This way you get great social media exposure as well for your items!  We have over 3000 facebook fans alone so its a great tool to get your listing seen.